Xtreme Performance Clutch KNI23591-1EL Lightened Flywheel Single Plate Clutch Kit
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The Xtreme clutch range of ceramic upgrades has been designed for Motorsport applications. These kits offer improved heat and torque capacity over their organic equivalents, but are specifically designed for Motorsport applications where these attributes are required for optimal performance and reliability. The Xtreme Clutch 500 series kit includes a performance pressure plate with increased clamping force, rigid ceramic friction disc and lightweight flywheel. The kit also includes an alignment tool, spigot bearing/bush and release bearing where required. Xtreme Clutch also offers a range of different kit options for those looking for hydraulics or accessories as well as extra heavy duty kits for specific applications requiring an even further increase in torque capacity. Offering a wide range of upgrades for specific vehicle uses and performance goals, the Xtreme clutch range of products are engineered to provide significant increases in torque holding capability and are available in a range of sizes and friction material types to provide the ideal balance between torque and heat capacity as well as drivability. As a division of Australian clutch Services, Xtreme clutch takes over 30 years of experience in the Australian clutch market as well as highly qualified technicians and a comprehensive research and development facility to ensure their products meet strict quality control processes and provide the highest performance and reliability. The range incorporates an extensive variety of kits to suit thousands of applications as well as a comprehensive range of performance accessories and hydraulics.

Type: Single Plate
Flywheel Profile: Lightened Flywheel
Suitable For Use With: For Nissan Models
Includes: Alignment Tool, Spigot Bearing/Bush and Release Bearing