Vibrant -4AN to 7by16-24 Oil Restrictor Fitting Kit - Garrett Ball Bearing - 10287

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Product Code: 010002011
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Vibrant Performance turbocharger oil restrictor fitting kits look great and perform even better. Oil Restrictor has been proven to shorten boost lag by decreasing windage as oil enters the turbocharger. In addition the restrictor also prevents oil leakage past the turbocharger seals by regulating oil flow and extends the lifespan of the turbocharger. They have an anodized black finish that helps them to resist corrosion and retain a like-new appearance.

Turbo Application: Garrett Turbochargers (Ball Bearing)
AN Size: -4AN
Garret Thread: 7/16-24
Color: Black
Finish: Anodized
Material: 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Restrictor Specifications:
- Threaded S.S. Jet (small restrictor is .030")
- Threaded S.S. Jet (small restrictor is .045")
- Without a restrictor (no restrictor installed is .060")

- (1x) Oil Restrictor Fitting
- (2x) Stainless Steel Restrictor Jets
- (1x) Allen Key Wrench

- NEVER use thread sealant with this fitting!
- The fitting engages with the mating part and creates a "compression" seal once installed.
- Any type of liquid or thread sealant used will run the risk of plugging up the oil feed port causing oil starvation and failure of the turbo.

Garrett Turbochargers (Ball Bearing)