Utilising a more efficient technology from CREE’s XP range of LEDs, TYPE-X™ EVO offers up to a staggering 1470m of light throw down the road, and up to a 140m of light spread laterally into the critical zones. Promising an even more intense beam pattern, the TYPE-X™ EVO is the thrilling evolution of the STEDI legacy
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Historically lights had to be functionally round, however, we now have the freedom to express, innovate and incorporate, so why fight it? Modern vehicles no longer possess anything circular on their façade. We have harnessed the same philosophy that modern automotive designers possess, creating the pathway for evolution to follow. 

The TYPE-X™ EVO started from a simple sketch, where finally a silhouette was chosen as the basis of which we built the entire design upon. The journey was not a quick one, taking years of feedback from our customers, without you even knowing about it. If you look closely at TYPE-X™ EVO’s silhouette and bezel depth, you will draw some familiarity with modern age vehicle grilles. The metallic edge and smooth angular transitions form the very basis of our design, harmoniously accentuating the curves and angles that we all have become accustomed to and expect from today’s automotive design. Taking a step into the future doesn’t mean you can’t write a little history along the way.

If you want to know what the future of driving lights looks like, you’re looking at it. This is where finely-honed bespoke craftsmanship and next-generation design meet. Minimalism and purity work in harmony creating curves that complement the future of automotive. TYPE-X™ EVO’s daring attitude and timeless design embodies a vision to tomorrow, pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible. Upon first inspection, the silhouette and metallic bezel will catch your eye, however, delve a little deeper and other elements will start to present themselves. The 3D primary lens will catch the most unwitting off-guard; one step into the sunshine and you will instantly recognise and understand why. Much like the modern car door, we have incorporated a 3D design to purposely reflect the glow of the sky with the upward facing portion of the lens, as well as catching the shadows and depths of the terrain in which you are driving with the lower portion. Even the smallest of angle change creates visual magic. 

The magic doesn’t stop there. The iconic black covers have also received a next-generation improvement with tactility in mind. Much like the 3D primary lens, the black cover also draws shadow inspiration albeit with a sharper noticeable edge creating light symphony on its piano black appearance. Upon further inspection, you’ll also observe the STEDI™ logo has been embossed onto the cover, keeping the multi-dimensional theme consistent throughout.

TYPE-X™ EVO has arrived in a separate dedicated flood and spot beam pattern, meaning you can mix and match, and have full control of your desired beam to suit your driving style and needs. Utilising a more efficient technology from CREE’s XP range of LED’s, TYPE-X™ EVO offers up to a staggering 1470m of light throw down the road, and up to a 140m of light spread laterally into the critical zones.

You may be asking yourself, flood or spot?
If your style is long range straight open roads, a pair of TYPE-X™ EVO spots may be the most suited, throwing light beam down the road nearly as far as the eye can see. Although a pair of spot beams will allow 1470m of light throw, not everyone wants to tunnel down the lines of the great open road. The TYPE-X™ EVO flood beam offers a tremendously wide angle flat lateral beam, positioned perfectly across the horizon. The key to its design is in the peak intensity ranged in the critical zone. What is the critical zone, you ask? The critical zone is the optimal distance that you require for safely stopping from 100km/h to avoid any animal strike. You typically want at least 200-300m of perfectly placed light in front of you, and with over 475m of elongated horizontal light from a single TYPE-X™ EVO flood, you will feel safe in all situations. Couple that with a TYPE-X™ EVO spot, and you have a match made in heaven. Promising an even more intense beam pattern, the Type-X EVO™ is the thrilling evolution of the STEDI™ legacy. You too, may find yourself contemplating the long way home.

With more light, comes more features. TYPE-X™ EVO accommodates 44 LEDs that reside in a 3D lens, as well as an updated heat sync technology, dissipating heat more effectively. A multi bezel design allows for a sealing structure like no other, implementing a hidden structural seal overlayed with a perfectly proportioned outer bezel, adding depth and shadow. 

We have also introduced a new level of sustainability, with a bespoke packaging design that would rival the most expensive luggage brands on the market. Each spotlight is individually packaged in a water-resistant hard case with STEDI™ filigree surrounding its every side, as well as a mesh pocket and securing strap inside, which adds next-level functionality and repurposing. Much like the TYPE-X™ PRO, a wide range of coloured rings return, only this time in a brushed metallic finish. Oh, did we mention tool-less customisation? That’s right, no allen key will be necessary to change over to your desired colour ring.

Following on from TYPE-X™ PRO’s design success, a gusseted cast aluminium bracket has returned albeit with a modern touch of understated class. Slotted holes in the base provide a minimum 18mm of clearance to your grill, allowing fitments to the shallowest of bullbars. The stability of a 3-bolt design has been retained for maximum purchase on the roughest of corrugations. The silhouette has been carefully crafted, not only for looks, however, for maximum punch in a perfectly sized package that minimises height over alternative options on the market.  We have generously offered more LEDs than TYPE-X™ PRO into a housing that rivals lights that only a 7” housing would normally be required in. This opens up class leading performance to a myriad of new situations where a smaller light would have been required. You can now have your cake and eat it too. 



LED 44 x CREE XP LEDs (each)
RAW LUMENS 18,920 (each)
TESTED LUMENS 11,920 (each)
AMP DRAW 12.5A @ 13.2v (each)

44 x 50° Spread

44 x 5.8° Pencil Beam

INGRESS PROTECTION IP68 | Submersible up to 3m
WEIGHT 3.3kg (each)