SNO-4004 Water-Methanol Dual Nozzle Upgrade Quick-Connect Fittings

The DNU ProLine allows an additional Boost Cooler Nozzle to be mounted in any of our Water Methanol Injection kits.
240 QAR
Product Code: 010003006
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Water Injection Dual Nozzle Upgrade - ProLine Install an additional nozzle in your Boost Cooler Water Methanol Injection ProLine system. The SNOW Performance Dual Nozzle ProLine Upgrade enables another Boost Cooler injector to be used in parallel. For example, with a V-engine, 1 nozzle can be installed per pressure pipe. The upgrade also enables a sufficient water methnaol injection quantity for engines with very high fluid requirements (trucks, CHP units, turbines). The ProLine Dual nozzle upgrade can also be retrofitted into existing Boost Cooler water methanol injection systems with 1/4" Nylon / FEP lines. Recommended for: Bi-Turbo engines (e.g. Audi S4/RS4, Porsche) Engines with 2 separate throttle valves (e.g. V8) Powerful engines (> 500 hp), where one nozzle alone is not sufficient. 2-nozzle installation for combined charge air and combustion chamber cooling (one Boost Cooler nozzle directly downstream of IC-output, another one right in front of the throttle valve resp. intake manifold). Scope of Delivery: 1x Nozzle Holder 90° low profile, aluminium, hard anodized 1x 1/8"-Dash 4 fitting, aluminium, hard anodized 1x T-Fitting, aluminium with Dash 4 male fittings Material: High performance lightweight 6061-T6 CNC machined aluminum Surface treatment: Black anodized finish for durability and strength 2x 30cm stainless steel braided line with Dash 4 female fittings