QUICK CAR Flag 4 Gauge Panel OP,WT,OT,FP 61-6021

Quick Car Racing Products 61-6021 13-5/8 x 4-1/2 in Oil Pressure Water Temperature Oil Temperature and Fuel Pressure Flag 4 Gauge Panel
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QuickCar's LED backlit oil pressure, water temperature, oil temperature and fuel pressure standard mechanical gauges mounted in a checkered flag designed panel measuring 13-5/8 in wide and 4-1/2 in tall. Panel comes complete with all sending units, warning lights and wiring to complete the installation. Both Temp. gauges come with a 1/2 in-NPT adapter to mount in almost any high-performance engine while both Pressures have a standard 1/8 in-NPT fitting for plumbing lines. Warning lights activate when Oil Pressure drops below 20 PSI, Water Temp. goes above 235 deg F, Oil Temp. goes above 280 deg F and Fuel Pressure goes below 4 PSI.

Type: Oil Pressure, Water Temperature, Oil Temperature and Fuel Pressure, Flag 4
Dimensions: 13-5/8 in Wide x 4-1/2 in Tall