PWR PWO5631 Transmission Oil Cooler Kit 280x255x19mm (5-16HB)

Brand: PWR
PWR PWO5631 Aluminum 280 mm x 255 mm x 19 mm Transmission Oil Cooler Kit
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19 mm plate and fin transmission cooler PWR's patented dimpled design universal plate and fin transmission oil cooers are made of a full aluminum construction that allows the cooler to be lightweight, compact and rigid while offering high heat transfer and corrosion resistance. The patented dimple plates re-direct the oil flow and in conjunction with the unique louvered fin design provide highly efficient cooling with low-pressure drop.

Type: Transmission Oil
Material: Aluminum
Hose Barb: 5/16 in
Dimensions: 280 mm x 255 mm x 19 mm
Plate Size: 19 mm