NGK NGK95248 Iridium 1.25 mm 12 mm Spark Plug
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NGK laser iridium spark plugs provide superior ignitability and long service life. Fine wire iridium tipped center electrode and fine wire platinum tipped ground electrode ensures slow wear rate providing stable idle, superior anti fouling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

• Trivalent metal plating provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties
• Corrugated ribs prevent flashover
• Pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator, provides superior strength and better heat transfer
• Copper core aids in heat removal
• Triple seals prevent leakage

Shell Thread Diameter: 12 mm
Shell Thread Pitch: 1.25 mm
Shell Seat Type: Gasket
Shell Reach: 28.5 mm(1.12 in)
Shell Hex Size: 14 mm Bi-Hex
Shell Terminal Type: Solid
Shell Overall Height: ISO
Shell Gap: 0.030 in(0.75 mm)
Center Electrode Material: Iridium
Center Electrode Type: Fine Wire
Center Electrode Size: 0.6 mm
Center Electrode Projection: Non-Projected
Ground Electrode Material: Platinum
Ground Electrode Type: Standard
Ground Electrode Shape: Taper Cut
Ground Electrode Quantity: 1
Resistor: Yes
Resistor Value: 5 kohm
Heat Range: 8
Torque Specs: Cast Iron: 10.8-18 lb-ft, Aluminum: 10.8-14.5 lb-ft
Longevity: 100 kmile
Fitment: Automotive
Warranty: 60 days