Universal Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger, Dual Pass, 24.60in x 19.66in x 1.88in Core, 1500HP
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There are some aspects of a build where corners can be cut, but your charge-air cooling system shouldn't be one of them. Big turbochargers make big power, and big power often results in high temperatures. Within the last decade, we've seen many turbocharged vehicles transitioning to liquid-to-air intercooling systems. The air-to-water heat exchanger plays a vital role in these systems by reducing coolant temperatures before entering the intercooler. If you're planning a forced induction build and need a charge-air cooling solution, Mishimoto's new air-to-water heat exchangers are an ideal choice. Mishimoto has designed four universal heat exchangers to support any build up to 1,500 hp, each precisely engineered for optimal flow and heat dissipation to meet your horsepower goals. Our heat exchanger options include multiple core sizes in single or dual pass configurations and your choice of two or three-row cores. In addition, the Mishimoto Universal Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers feature all-aluminum TIG-welded construction, making them extremely robust. For ease of installation, we've included half-inch thick threaded mounting bosses on each end tank. Mishimoto offers a complete line of air-to-water products along with our selection of air-to-water heat exchangers , making us your one-stop shop for building the perfect air-to-water intercooler system. As with all our products, this Mishimoto Universal Air-to-Water Heat Exchanger includes the signature Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.

  • Universal heat exchanger for use with air-to-water intercooler systems
  • Multiple sizes to choose from to fit the needs of your project
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty
  • Provides effective cooling support for charge-air cooling systems up to 1500 hp
  • Strategically designed dual pass 2-row core offers maximum flow and heat dissipation
  • Core Size: 24.60 in X 19.66 in X 1.88 in
  • Overall Size: 29.38 in X 20.53 in X 2.51 in
  • All-aluminum construction yields superior strength and durability
  • Precision TIG-welded end tanks for improved durability and pressure tolerance
  • Robust 1/2-in thick universal mounting bosses on each end tank
  • Bead rolled ¾-in inlet and outlet provide a leak-free connection
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