MAGNUSON HOSE 1-4 INCH I.D SILICON BLK 1-2 INCHO.D -MCA 5236K882- 82-55-00-013

Magnuson 82-55-00-013 1/2 in 1/4 in High Temperature Air & Water Tubing
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More resilient than latex rubber, this silicone rubber tubing can stand up to high-temperature applications. Commonly used with metering (peristaltic) pumps and robotics, it can handle continuous bending and flexing and maintains its flexibility over time.

Type: High Temperature
Material: Silicone Rubber Duro 50A
Color: Black
Inner Diameter: 1/4 in
Outer Diameter: 1/2 in
Wall Size: 1/8 in
Hardness Rating: Soft
Connection Type: Tube
Clarity: Opaque
Flexibility: Flexible
Bend Radius: 1-1/2 in
Temperature Rating: -90-390 deg F
Maximum Pressure: 15 psi @ 72 deg F