LUCAS OIL Synthetic SAE 50 WT Motorcycle V-Twin Oil-1-Quart - 10765

Lucas Oil 10765 1 qt Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
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API SL Certified, Lucas Synthetic SAE 50W MC Oil is specially formulated with the finest base oils and exclusive Lucas high performance additives for all 4-stroke air cooled V-Twin/Opposed Twin/Slant Twin engines made after 1984. Lucas Oil has put all of its race bred technology into this oil to help your engine run cooler, smoother and longer. Road testing indicates significant reduction in operating temperature. Numerous testimonials support product performance.

• API SL Certified
• Quiets engines
• Excellent Thermal Stability
• Reduces Operating Temperatures
• Resists Oil Oxidation
• Minimizes metal-on-metal wear
• Extends oil drain intervals
• Extends life of engine
• Full Synthetic Formulation
• Special additives provides the highest performance possible

Type: Synthetic
Series: SAE 50 WT
Container Size: 1 qt
Packaging Quantity: 6/Case