LUCAS OIL -10488- - Synthetic S1 Racing Supension Fluid 2.5 wt -1 - Quart - 10488

S1 Racing Suspension Fluid
170 QAR
Product Code: 010002816
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Lucas Oil Products developed S1 Racing Suspension Fluid to provide exceptional viscosity stability, anti-friction and anti-foam properties for use in all high performance suspension systems. Applications include off road racing shocks, motocross, supercross, conventional and upside down forks, circle track racing and more. Lucas specially formulated friction modifiers increase lubricity for minimum friction and for more responsive handling. Guaranteed to improve a narrow, consistent, rebounding range and easy suspension tuning.

Superior Damping
Controls Heat
Lower Operating Temperatures
Excellent Thermal Stability
Contains special anti-wear and lubricity agents
Excellent for high performance and heavy-duty applications