Lucas Oil 11175 2 qt Hand Sanitizer
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The Lucas Oil 11175 Hand Sanitizer is a great addition to your shop, garage, or house. This formula is an 80% alcohol antiseptic and will help protect your family, employees, and customers. Lucas Hand Sanitizer helps reduce harmful bacteria for when soap and water are not available. While some hand sanitizers are prone to drying out the skin, the Lucas Oil Hand Sanitizer contains a small amount of glycerin to help reduce this tendency.

• Water thin formula
• fast acting antiseptic
• 2 qt bottle
• Topical Solution of 80% Ethyl Alcoho
• Formulated in Accordance with FDA Recommendations
• Manufactured and Packaged in an FDA Registered Facility
• Unscented with a milder odor than isopropyl alcohol based formulas
• Made In The USA

Safety Note: Alcohol solutions are flammable. Exercise caution and keep away from open flames or other sources of ignition

Fragrance: Unscented
Formula: 80% Ethyl Alcohol
Hygiene Form: Liquid
Container Size: 2 qt
Hygiene Properties: Antiseptic
Uses Dispenser: No
Packaging Type: Pour Bottle
Packaging Quantity: 6/Pack