Double adjustable system (Compression & Rebound)
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Double adjustable system

Compression adjustment The compression adjustment is located on the external reservoir. Each click in- or decreases the level of damping the same amount and each click gives a noticeable change. The compression adjuster adjusts the preload on the frequency responsive valve. 

Rebound adjustment Tthe rebound adjustment is located on the piston rod and adjusts highly accurate CNC machined orifices which results in in- or decreased rebound forces. Full adjustment range is large and every click is effective


External reservoir to increase volume for nitrogen pressure and heat dissipation
Nitrogen gas pressure creates a lifting force. In combination with the frequency responsive blow off valve it gives the vehicle a high level of platform and body control as well as superb handling on off road conditions
Swivel hose for ease of installation and prevent of stress on the hose after installation
High grade anodized aluminium damper body and reservoir
Chromoly induction hardened and hard chrome plated piston rod
Heavy Duty bearings
High grade anodized aluminium top mounts. Specially engineered for extreme use. Under extreme conditions the force is not applied on the bolt due to design
Fully rebuildable