Brand: JAOS
Model B135051NP
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Product Code: 010003372
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Genuine mudguard can be installed.
JAOS Mudguard III can be installed (original mudguard must be removed).
GR SPORT, VX, AX, GX cannot be installed.
Cars with Modellista aero parts Cannot be installed.

Holes are required on the inside of the front fender liner and rear bumper (one place each).

The included endomall color is "black". "Gray" is available as an option.
Item No.: G996002 List price: ¥500 (¥550 including tax) / 1.0m * 8m is required
to install for one vehicle The
dummy bolt is available in "Black" as an option.
Product number: D134102 List price: ¥ 3,000 (¥ 3,300 including tax) / set of 32 * 32 pieces are required to install for 1 car
* Painting is required
because it is an unpainted product.

Painted product is available (matte black / grain painted) / Product number: B135051MB (for ZX) It is designed to meet safety standards (less than 20 mm)

for left and right installation, but depending on the vehicle, it may exceed 20 mm from the width stated in the vehicle verification. In that case, structural change procedures are required.

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