Dual supply hardware for improved functionality
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The next generation of IBS-DBS with software 8.0 is available with automotive approval ECE 10R E24. The unit looks the same and is compatible with existing installations. The new electronics offers now dual supply, meaning a battery can be replaced while the system is still supplied from the other battery. Beside all the function known of Software 6.3, system offers trailer battery recognition (Aux battery can be removed and system switches to single battery mode, also in 6.4 available) and over charge alarm, if alternator runs over 15V RBM (Relay Booster Module) can also be installed as in the past to extend link start feature if starter battery has failed due to shortened cell(s) or crack in the battery case.


  • Dual supply hardware for improved functionality
  • E24 approved unit with 3kW surge suppression
  • Alternator over charge alarm, if diodes installed

  • Trailer battery recognition and single battery mode
  • auto link at 13.1V optimized for smart alternator

IBS-DBS Functions

Display of Battery Voltage (Energy Level)

The new IBS_DBS software version 8 (is replacing version 6.3 and 6.4) with new features is now available and will be described below with

LED indicators:

  • green: Batteries are in the safe working range
  • yellow: check batteries
  • red: Batteries should be charged

The LED’s show the energy level if all loads are switched off:
 12.6V = 100%
 12.4V = 75%
 12.2V = 50%
 12.0V = 25%
 11.0V = flashing and beeping indicates low battery situation

This function is called by pressing the display button for about 30 seconds.

Display of Charge Voltage while charging

LED indicators:

  • red:     >14.5V: High loading of Batteries, may be present at cold ambient temperature for a longer time.
  • yellow: >14.0V: Proper charge mode.
  • green:  <14.0V: Save charge mode, no damage to batteries.


Manual Battery "link"

In an emergency situation (defective or empty Main Battery) or in case of higher power consumption the two batteries (Main & Aux) may be connected together by activating the link button (red LED manually linked is on) After a laps of time of 30 minutes (or immediately after activating the auto button), the system returns to the automatic mode. When using an electric winch, the battery connection can be activated for 180 minutes by pressing twice the link button. In this mode sounds every 30 seconds a Beep to remind this status(Auto return after time expired). The load sharing function with the manual battery connection reduces the load on the alternator, the wiring and the batteries in the use of the winch.
Alarm functions:

Low Battery alarm: If the battery voltage of one or both of the batteries, is for a longer period below 12V, the sound Low Battery with "Beep" and the LED "Low Battery" of the corresponding battery (Main and / or Aux) flashes. With the Display button, the "Beep" is switched off. The blinking LED "Low Battery" is reset if the battery voltage is exceeding 12V.

Link failure alarm: The monitor monitors the charge on both batteries. When fitting charge ( from alternator, solar, charger) no charge to the other battery is detected, the link error alarm with flashing green LED "linked" and the “Beep” sounds. If this error occurs, check immediately the wiring of the power cables to (relay, battery terminals, crimp contacts, control relays). After bug fixes, the alarm will automatically reset.

Deactivation of automatic and manual battery dual link function:

If there is a problem with the auxiliary battery (Aux) such as short circuit of cells, short circuit or defective battery housing, we recommend to activate the security mode by pressing the “link” button for more than 6 Sec. In this mode no manual or automatic link is possible anymore to protect the alternator against overheating. After the aux battery has been fixed or replaced this security mode is to be reset by pressing “link” for 6 Sec. Now manual and automatic link are operational again.


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