Brand: HOLTS
Holts Tyreweld HT4YA Aerosol Can 500 ml Emergency Puncture Repair
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Gaining a flat tyre on any journey will always prove to be a major inconvenience. The choices are generally restricted to the following: a.) Pull over and replace the flat tyre with your spare or b.) Continue driving with vibrations that result in an uncomfortable drive and unquestionable damage to expensive parts on your car. Rather, Tyreweld Emergency Puncture Repair is an essential "get you home" product that reduces the inconvenience. Approved by the National Tyre Distributors Association, Tyreweld seals and inflates punctured tyres immediately allowing you to finish your journey. The water based latex formula does not damage the tyre and can easily be washed out by using warm water prior to the tyre being repaired. It works by incorporating a unique safety valve that automatically seals and re-inflates in one twist. This 500ml can is suitable for tubeless tyres only that are up to 15 inches in diameter. Can also be used for vans, caravans and trailers. Founded in the United Kingdom more than 65 years ago, Holts has become an industry leader in the manufacture and global distribution of automotive aftermarket products.

• Seals and inflates punctured tyres instantly
• Water based latex formula does not damage the tyre
• Formula can be washed out using warm water prior to tyre repair
• Unique controllable valve
• Approved by National Tyre Distributors Association & TyreSafe

Type: Emergency
Container Size: 500 ml
Container Type: Aerosol Can
Composition: Butane, Isobutane
Color: White
Odor: Slight Odor
Solubility: Slightly Soluble
Relative Density: 0.995
pH-Value: 9.5
Flammability Limit: Lower: 4.8%, Upper: 9.5%