Brand: HOLTS
Holts Speedflush RK1R Yellow White 250 ml Cooling System Cleaner
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Getting the optimal performance out of your car can mean spending vast amounts of money at garages that do not always solve the problems. Sometimes simply cleaning and protecting your car's various systems can have a dramatic performance effect. This Holts speed flush can be used to prevent overheating and clean clogged radiators. The special formulation allows it to clear water channels and is safe for use with metal and rubber hoses. Comes in a 250ml bottle and is safe for use with all types of radiator. Founded in the United Kingdom more than 65 years ago, Holts has become an industry leader in the manufacture and global distribution of automotive aftermarket products.

• Prevents overheating
• Cleans clogged radiators
• Clears water channels
• Safe for use with metal and rubber hoses

Container Size: 250 ml
Container Type: Can
Composition: Sodium Silicate
Color: Yellow White
Odor: Almost Odorless
Solubility: Soluble
Relative Density: 1.2820
pH-Value: Alkaline >10
Suitable For Use With: For Radiator