GOX7 Pors Black AW 7801

Brand: GOX7
76 QAR
Product Code: 010001420
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Automotive Wrinkle Finish Paint is formulated to produce the original wrinkle finish found on a variety of car parts, and to give a new look and special texture effect to metal and plastic parts, as well as glass and wood surface. Features / Benefits  


  • Once fully cured, Gox7 Automotive Wrinkle Finish Paint will exhibit a very hard paint film with good resistant to color fading, grease, petrol and diesel without distortion and resist high temperature up to 150°C (for selective colors).


  • This tough durable finish is extremely resistant to corrosion, chipping and very good weather resistance.


  • All Gox7 Aerosol features an advanced spray system that allows you to spray at any angle and a comfort spray nozzle with wider finger pad reduces fatigue caused by continous spraying.