GOX7 Black Rust Defender (GD-7901)

Brand: GOX7
Protection against rust
67 QAR
Product Code: 010001416
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Gox7 Rust Defender coating is specially formulated to protect against from Rust, Corrosion, Moisture and Abrasion, is ideal for cars, trucks and commercial vehicle. The toughness and durable rubberized protective coating providing a long-term protection.

Rust Defender is tested for strength and protection both in the laboratory and in harsh, real-world conditions to ensure the highest levels of durability. \n \nGox7 Rust Defender may also be used on the inside of house gutters and over flashing. 

Features / Benefits
> Heavy Duty Protective Coating
> Fast Drying and Paintable
> Anti-corrosive coating protects the vehicles from rust, abrasion and moisture
> Tough and Durable Finish to protects the most surface from abrasion
> Sound deadening properties help reduce road noise and reduce road vibration
> Resist temperature up to 250’F
> Aerosol Spray allows for easy spray-on application