Gox7 Automotive Wrinkle Titanium Silver Spray (GAW 7006)

Brand: GOX7
Gox7 GAW 7006 Titanium Silver 400 ml Leather Crackle Effect Paint
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Leather crackle effect paint, your unique identity never be the same. This is new and easy to apply special effect paint that gives a very affective eye catching looks. Leather crackle effect paint from Gox7 is a 2-parts system of a base coat and top coat system that use acrylic system paints to give objects an antique look. Now you can produce this special leather crackle effect finish in a few minutes time from an aerosol spray can.

• Unlimited color selection and design
• Multisurface paint for interior & exterior
• Resist high temperature up to 150 deg C
• Increase durability
• Unique identity never be the same
• Easy-spray technology- effortless finger pad, spray from any angle, twist-lock cap

Color: Titanium Silver
Container Type: Aerosol Spray Can
Container Size: 400 ml
Applicable Materials: Plastic, Metal, Wood, Original Paint Surface
Temperature Rating: 150 deg C
Packaging Quantity: 12/Box