GOX7 AC 790 Throttle Body, Carburetor&Choke Cleaner

Brand: GOX7
Gox7 AC 790 500 ml Throttle Body Carburetor & Choke Cleaner
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AC 790 throttle body, carburetor and choke cleaner is a fast acting, industrial strength cleaner containing zero ozone depleting potential. It is a high performance, non-chlorinated product designed to remove grease, oil, wax, road tar, dust, dirt, grime, carbon residues from any surface generally encountered in automotive. AC 790 can also clean the calibrated drill holes and nozzles.

• Excellent cleaning effect
• No oil remains after dried
• Increases engine performance
• Clean the calibrated drill holes and nozzles
• Contains no chlorinated solvent
• Advanced technology spray right 360 spray at any angle
• Environmentally-friendly and safe at workplace propellant

Type: Throttle Body
Container Type: Can
Container Size: 500 ml
Applicable Materials: Drill Holes and Nozzles
Packaging Quantity: 12/Box