gfb3001 GFB ATOMIC Manual Boost Controller

Brand: GFB
GFB 3001 Atomic Single Stage Manual Boost Controller
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Boasting a repeatable and stable boost curve, quick rise rate and unbeatable value, GFB's Atomic has earned a reputation as being one of the most reliable and effective manual boost controllers on the market. It is important to note that the Atomic does NOT use a "ball-and-spring" system like others on the market, for very good reason. The ball-and-spring system is an attempt to increase the boost rise rate by preventing pressure from reaching the wastegate during spool up. However, in practice this method usually creates boost spiking and a less stable and repeatable boost curve. Instead, the Atomic uses a precision orifice and needle valve system to accurately bleed pressure from the wastegate line to increase boost. With no moving parts, this system is ultimately more reliable and stable. For use with any type of petrol/gasoline or diesel turbocharger system using a traditional pneumatic wastegate (internal or external).

Type: Atomic Single Stage, Manual