GARRET GTX4088R 825614-5005S & GT40 A-R0.95 T4-773628-0011 HP460-840

Forged Fully-Machined Billet Aluminum Dual Ball Bearing Core Turbocharger.
10,700 QAR
Product Code: 010001301
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Garrett® GTX Series turbochargers are designed specifically for the hard-core enthusiast who wants optimal performance. The forged fully-machined billet aluminum compressor wheels feature next generation aerodynamics that provide a larger horsepower range and maximize boost response. Ported shroud compressor housings increase surge resistance and provide reliable, continuous power throughout the power band. A dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge prolongs the lifespan and improves shaft balance. The water cooled CHRA keeps housing temperatures to a minimum. The turbine wheel is constructed from Inconel, a Super Alloy that maintains strength during prolonged exposure to high exhaust gas temperatures.

• GTX-R 11-blade fully machined billet compressor wheel
• Dual ball bearing core
• Oil & water cooled

Type: Dual Ball Bearing Core
Material: Forged Fully-Machined Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheels
Compressor Wheel Exducer: 88 mm
Compressor Wheel Inducer: 65 mm
Compressor Wheel Trim: 54
Compressor Wheel A/R: 0.72
Turbine Housing Type: 0.95 A/R T4 Twin Scroll Inlet
Turbine Wheel Exducer: 68 mm
Turbine Wheel Inducer: 77 mm
Turbine Wheel Trim: 78
Compressor Connection: 4 in Hose Coupler Inlet x 2.5 in Hose Coupler Outlet
Turbo Shaft Speed: 125000 rpm Max
Horsepower: 460-850 hp
Displacement: 2-6 L
For Hard-Core Enthusiast Who Wants Optimal Performance