Form-A-Shield™ - 42" x 48" (010516)

Brand: DEI
DEI 010516 1400 deg F 42 in x 48 in Heat Barrier
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Form-A-Shield™ solves the problem of needing a direct contact, extreme heat barrier. Capable of withstanding direct heat of up to 1400 deg F+, Form-A-Shield™ was designed to provide the best possible heat protection in areas where high temperatures are always present and problematic. Form-A-Shield™ can be applied to exhaust headers, manifolds, turbo housings and downpipes dramatically reducing radiant exhaust temperatures. Formed from 10 mil dimpled aluminum bonded to a high temperature rated basalt thermal barrier material, Form-A-Shield™ can be applied directly to hot surfaces helping to lower under hood temperatures while keeping more heat in the exhaust system.

• Extremely pliable and forms to many shapes and configurations
• Durable and resistant to oil and chemical spills
• Withstands direct heat up to 1400 deg F+
• Superior insulator anywhere near the path of exhaust pipes
• Ideal for firewalls, exhaust manifolds, under-vehicle, floor pans, oil tank box areas, transmission tunnels, wrapping fuel cells, under hoods & more
• No adhesive backing

Size: 42 in x 48 in
Direct Heat Resistance: 1400 deg F