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This tuning course is entirely focused on the powerful Coyote platform. 

It goes in-depth by including tuning specific changes for GEN I (2011-2014), GEN II (2015-2017) and GEN III (2018+) Coyote. 

*excludes 2015+ trucks modified past minor bolt-ons 

*the coyote course does not explain speed density tuning

Tuning Coyotes can be challenging, with the complex HDFX system and Ti-VCT, but with the included Bolt-on and Forced Induction processes every level of tuner can make confident changes and improvements. 

Follow the course to maximize power by tuning for aftermarket throttle bodies and camshaft timing adjustments through tuning the Ti-VCT (Twin Independent, variable camshaft timing) system! 

Learn to maximize power and driveability with the new Coyote course!  

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