Emtron SL6 ADAPTER HARNESS 2001-2016 290 mA @ 14 v 6-22.0 vdc 1 mm Wire In ECU
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Emtron's SL6 is a wire in ECU with extreme flexibility. This ECU will support up to 6 Channels of fully sequential Fuel and Ignition. Every unit is housed in a durable billet Aluminum enclosure and includes 32MB permanent memory for on-board logging, 4-channel oscilloscope function, DBW control, Knock control up to 2 channels using digital filter technology, high speed Ethernet communications and 3-axis G-force sensing to name a few.

• Operating voltage: 6.0 to 22.0 Volts DC (ECU shutdowns at 24.0V)
• Operating Current: 290mA at 14.0V (excluding sensor and load currents)
• Reverse battery protection via external fuse
• "Smart" battery transient protection
• Dual 100MHz processors
• 500Mb DDR RAM (0.5Gb)
• 32MB ECU logging memory, over 1200 channels available, 1Hz to 500Hz logging rate
• Oscilloscope 4-channel function with 32MB storage
• Includes Crank Index and Sync sensor inputs
• Includes Digital inputs 1-4
• On-Board barometric pressure sensor. Range 40 - 115.0 kPa
• 3-Axis accelerometer. 16-Bit resolution, +2g/+4g/+8g dynamically selectable full-scale

Material: 6061 Aluminum CNC Bilet Enclosure
Operating Voltage: 6-22.0 vdc
Operating Current: 290 mA @ 14 v
Maximum Operating Range: -22-230 deg F
Recommended Operating Range: -22-185 deg F
Enclosure Size: 120 mm x 130 mm x 27 mm
Connector System: 68-Way Super Seal Waterproof Connectors with Gold Plated Contacts
Pin Diameter: 1 mm
Current Rating: Maximum 15A Per Pin