EBC 08+ Lexus LX570 5.7 Yellowstuff Front Brake Pads ebcDP41815R

EBC Brakes Yellowstuff DP41815R Front Brake Pad
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EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads are designed for trucks, SUVs and performance street cars that occasional hit the track. Yellow Stuff brake pads offer between 30-40% greater brake affect over factory pads and work great at very wide range of temperatures. Performing well at a wide heat-range makes these the perfect pads for the street truck all the way to the track car. At high heat, Yellow Stuff brake pads are able to maintain performance during repeated heavy brake use without suffering from brake fatigue or "fall-off". These brake pads create a dust level similar to factory brakes, but will wear on the rotors less than OE.

• Excellent performance at a wide heat-range
• Suitable for trucks, SUVs and high performance street cars
• Work great at a cold temperature - no need to warm up
• Capable of repeated heavy brake use without "Fall-Off"
• Superb brake control and pedal response
• Between 30-40% improved brake effect over factory brake pads
• Very minimal wear on rotors
• Red "brake-in" surface for instant safe braking
• Create a similar dust level to OEM brake pads
• Backed by a six month/10,000 mile warranty

Position: Front
Suitable For Use With: For 08+ Lexus LX570 5.7