EBC 08+ Lexus LX570 5.7 Extra Duty Rear Brake Pads ebcED91816

EBC Brakes ED91816 Rear Extra Duty Brake Pad
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This EBC high performance truck, Jeep and SUV pad features new ECO technology to develop a brake pad that with high friction levels yet still durable for street use with brake effect being strong from cold when the brake is first applied.

• Top of the line brake pad
• Backing plate features NUCAP NRS hook technology that is five times stronger than conventional pads
• High volume Vee grooves help to vent and remove dust which reduces operating temperature
• NUCAP insulator shims for noise-free braking
• Effective stopping power above 1400F which is much higher than average operating temperatures
• Performs great at low temperatures
• Longest lifespan of any EBC brake pads

Type: Extra Duty
Position: Rear
Suitable For Use With: For 08+ Lexus LX570 5.7