Depo Racing SLD6067B-WP-PSI 52 mm 0-6 bar/0-80 psi Fuel Pressure Gauge Dial
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• Opening Ceremony and Ending mode
• Start point self calibration
• 9-stage backlight brightness dimmer
• High quality 7-color LED display
• Programmable warning setting and peak recall functions
• Full sweep 270 scale
• Easy installation: pin-style wiring
• Short cases: 25 mm
• Aluminum cases and bezels
• On-dash design
• 7 colors LED (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, White, Sky Blue, Purple, Automatic color mode)
• Remote controller (For SKPK-SC series use)
• U-bracket & screws (For in-dash use)
• Warning/shift light

Type: Fuel
Standards: CE, ROHS, ISO9001
Movement: Japanese Stepper Motor Movement
Gauge Size: 52 mm
Bezels and Case: Aluminum Bezels and Case
Length of Case: 25 mm
Faceplate Color: Black
LED Color: Blue Outer/White OLED
Pressure Rating: 0-6 bar/0-80 psi
Voltage Rating: 8-18 V
Speed: 0-10000 rpm
Apply : 12 V Car, Vehicle, Automobile, Truck
Engine Start: Needle Self Calibration
Gauge Range: BOOST/TURBO (-1 to 2 bar/-1 to 3 bar/0-3 bar/0-4 bar/-1 to 4 bar), DIESEL (-30 inHg to 30 psi/-30 inHg to 45 psi/0-35 psi/0-60 psi)
Logo: D Racing
Includes: 25 LED Combined Digital, 40 cm Power Wire Harness, 30 cm Power Daisy Chain Wire, 250 cm Fuel Pressure Sensor Wire Harness, Fuel Pressure Sensor, Plastic Gauge Visor Cap and Cup(Mount Holder), Installation Manual
Vacuum Pressure: -1 to 0 bar/-30 to 0 inHG
Oil Pressure: 0-10 bar/0-150 psi
Water Temperature: 40-140 deg C (100-280 deg F)
Oil Temperature: 50-150 deg C (120-300 deg F)
Transmission Trans Temperature: 20-150 deg C (68-302 deg F)
Tachometer Speed: 0-10000 rpm/0-6000 rpm(Diesel)
Air Fuel Ratio: Lean-Rich
Exhaust Gas Temperature: 200-1200 deg C (400-2400 deg F)
Wideband: 10-20 afr
Speedometer: 0-300 km (0-140 mph)