DEI 010473 Fire Sleeve & Tape Kit - 3-4 INCH ID x 3 ft.

Brand: DEI
DEI 010473 0.75 in ID x 36 in Fire Sleeve & Tape Kit
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Fire sleeve solves the problem of heat and abrasions damaging fuel, transmission and brake lines and is a fireproof solution. Constructed from a high temperature resistant braided glass material, woven into a sleeve and heavily coated with 100% iron oxide silicone rubber, Fire Sleeve thermal insulator sleeve provides the ultimate in heat insulation and protection from direct heat up to 500 deg F. Each kit (except by-the-linear-foot sizes*) includes a 16-inch length of black Fire Tape, an adhesive-free, self-adhering tape, to finish off ends of Fire Sleeve or when joining two Fire Sleeves together while presenting a clean and professional look.

• Insulates wiring, hoses, oil/brakes/transmission lines & more
• Use for bundling & protecting hoses, electrical wiring, etc
• Withstands 2000 deg F of intermittent heat

Size: 0.75 in Inside Diameter x 36 in