Defi DF10301 Advance BF Fuel Pressure Metric Gauge, White, 60mm

Brand: DEFI
Nippon Seik DEFI DF10301 60 mm 0-600 kpa Fuel Advance System Pressure Gauge
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Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE BF is gauge series which need to be connected to Defi-Link ADVANCE control unit (DF07703).ADVANCE BFs are electronic blacked out gauges which are high response and refined design. When the car is off they have a black face with no numbers on them. As soon as the car is turned on, the gauges light up and are in full effect.

• Stepping motor: STS26/VS2
• Illumination color: White/amber red/blue (in USDM models, only amber red is comes)
• Illumination ON/OFF: Interlocked with vehicle illumination switch
• LED illumination
• Indicator output
• Built-in indicators
• Driving data can be recorded & replayed
• Opening mode/Ending mode
• Size: 60 mm/80 mm tachometer
• Applicable number of cylinders: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8

Type: Fuel, Advance System
Color: White Racer
Dial Diameter: 60 mm
Series: Advance BF
Reading limitation: 0-600 kpa
Includes: (1) Gauge, (1) Sensor, (1) Sensor Wire(8-1/5 ft), (1) Power Supply Wire(3-1/3 ft), (1) Meter Cup, (1) Regular Position Bezel, (1) Double Sided Tape, (1) Buffer, (1) Mounting Bracket, Hardware