DAVIES CRAIG 8970 EWP150 Combo - 12V 150LPM-40GPM Remote Electric Water Pump & Controller

Davies Craig 8970 3-15 vdc 150 l/min Remote Electric Water Pump & Controller
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Davies Craig puts you in total control of your engine cooling with their electric water pump and controller combos. These economical packages deliver a selection of choices; all include lightweight EWP pumps that will cool better, while providing more power, torque and fuel economy. The controller features a prominent blue LCD screen and has features to manage the efficient operation of both your electric water pump and engine fan-to eliminate "heat soak" and extend the life of your engine. The pumps are available in aluminum alloy or nylon construction, as well as different flow rates to best fit your specific application. Upgrade your belt-driven, mechanical pump and engine thermostat with the improved performance of Davies Craig electric water pump and controller combos.

Type: Remote Electric
Pump Operating voltage: 3-15 vdc
Pump Maximum Current: 10 A @ 13 V
Flow Rating: 150 l/min
Operating Temperature: -40-130 deg C
Pump Design: Clockwise Centrifugal with Volute Chamber
Pump Weight: 1170 g
Pump Material: Powder Coated Aluminum
Burst Pressure: 500 kpa
Seat Type: Ceramic Face
Fits Hose Size: 35-51 mm
Internal Fitting: Inlet & Outlet: -16AN ORB
Controller Voltage Range: 12-29 vdc
Display LCD size: 64.6 mm x 55.6 mm
Warning Alarm: High & Low Temp., Above set Temp., Sensor Short Circuit, Pump Error, High & Low Voltage and Sensor Open Circuit
Targeted (Set) Temperatures: Singular deg From: 40 deg C(104 deg F) to 110 deg C(230 deg F)
Memory: Set & Targeted Temperature
Fan Cut-In Temperature: 3 deg C(5.4 deg F) Above the Targeted(Set) Temperature
Controller Type: PCB with Micro-Processor
Sensor Type: Thermistor in Housing
Overrun/Shutdown: -10 deg C(14 deg F) Below Set/Target Temperature or 3 min
Indicator: Temperature, Power, EWP, Test, Fan, High & Low Temp, Voltage, Above Set Temperature(with Alarm)
Controller Dimensions: 95 mm Width x 98 mm Length x 25 mm Depth