DAVIES CRAIG 8670 LS Series EWP® Block Adapter Suits GM GEN III & IV SB & LSX

Davies Craig 8670 Aluminum Water Pump Block Adapter
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Davies, Craig Pty Ltd announces the arrival of its new plug and play innovative remote electric water pump (EWP®) block adapter to suit the General Motors LS series family of engines. This adapter will supersede part #8650 as it offers superior fitment options including: ability to fit/located the EWP on the left or right side of the engine thus accommodating different engine configurations. Fitment to engines with air conditioning systems. These iconic V8 engines are fast becoming the engine of choice for their lightweight and power. Now, the addition of the Davies Craig electric water pump block-adapter kit, coupled to one of the EWP®115 or EWP®130 or the EWP®150 electric water pump combo kit will free up the parasitic power loss inherent with mechanical water pumps! Your block adapter is designed to replace the belt driven mechanical water pump and thermostat to complement the installation of Davies Craig remote-mounted electric water pump (EWP®).

Type: Water Pump
Material: Aluminum
Color: Black
Model: LS Series EWP
Suitable For Use With: Generation GM III & IV SB & LSX Block Engines