DAVIES CRAIG 0162 12 INCH Thermatic® Electric Fan -12V-

Davies Craig 0162 12 v 847 cfm(ft3/min) Electric Fan
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All Davies Craig Thermatic® fan are packaged with fan assembly (motor, fan blade, shroud and mounting feet). A Davies Craig Thermatic® fan is suitable for both condenser and radiator cooling. Thermatic®fans provide; constant air flow, increased fuel economy, air conditioning performance, cooler engine running, low profile, high performance, increased engine power and fully reversible blades and polarity for bi-directional air flow. These fan assemblies are set up for upstream applications. For downstream applications the fan blade must be removed and turned over and the polarity reversed. Always check that the fan blade rotates in the direction shown by the arrows on the blade before making a permanent wiring connection and prior to fastening the unit to the radiator.

Model: Thermatic
Diameter: 12 in
Voltage Rating: 12 v
Airflow: 847 cfm(ft3/min)
Maximum Current: 9 A(12 v), 4.5 A(24 v)
Weight: 1.45 kg(3.20 lb)
Dimensions: 293 mm Width x 293 mm Height x 58 mm Depth
Warranty: 3 years

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