Bully Dog 40470 Hand-Held Performance BDX Tuner
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Bully Dog BDX tuners are bred to sharpen and maximize your rig's potential to tackle tough terrain, pull heavy payload and gain the most fuel economy on the highway. Bully Dog gas and diesel programmers are equipped with on-screen gauges, the capability of holding 10 custom tunes and data logging/monitoring of critical engine parameters. They also offer cloud-based tune delivery with built-in Wi-Fi for the latest tunes tailored to your rig. All of this is packed into compact, sleek, handheld designs with full-color, easy-to-use LCD displays. Unleash more horsepower and torque when you need it the most--on road and off; stay ahead of the pack with Bully Dog BDX tuners.

• Monitor and display vehicle data using the on-screen virtual gauges
• Preloaded, street-tested, dyno-proven tunes boost horsepower, torque and throttle sensitivity
• Reads and clears DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) with ease

Type: Hand-Held Performance