Bullet Supercharger kit to suit Landcruiser 100 series 4.5Lt

Brand: HPS
HPS Bullet Supercharger Kit For Landcruiser 100 series 4.5Lt
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This Supercharger kit is perfect for the Landcruiser owner who tows or uses their vehicle for off road 4×4 workouts. The Twin Screw Supercharger system has been developed with reliability being the main focus. Small boost levels of only 5 psi allow the engine to comfortably perform without stressing internal components, whilst delivering exceptional power and torque increases. The Supercharger delivers maximum boost from “off idle” all the way to the engine redline. This means that instantaneous Torque is available down low where you need it – when taking off from a standing start with a heavy load or caravan on the back or when in low range on a sandy beach or in boggy mud.

Type: Bullet
Suitable For Use With: For Landcruiser 100 series 4.5Lt