aem30-2217 AEM CD-7-CD-7L Plug & Play Adapter Harness for OBDII CAN Bus Including Power Cable

Brand: AEM
AEM Electronics 30-2217 Plug & Play Adapter Harness For OBDII CAN Bus
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The OBD-II CAN sub harness is connected, the dash polls the vehicle's CAN bus to see what channels are available and what speed they are being delivered. Users can then select the channels they want to add to the display, set alarms for available channels and log them if using a CD logging dash. Although the CD Dashes cannot control the data rate that available channels are transmitted (since this is determined by the vehicle manufacturer), users can prioritize channels to optimize them for the best available transfer speed.

Type: Plug & Play
Suitable For Use With: For OBDII CAN Bus Including Power Cable and CD-7 Dash/Screen

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