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ACL ACL-9001C Silicone Universal Spark Plug Extreme Wire Set
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ACCEL now offers the cure for burnt spark plug wire boots with extreme 9000 ceramic wire kits. The 8 mm ferro-spiral core wire now has ceramic boots on the spark plug end of the wires. The ceramic boots will withstand up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are running headers with close tolerances, have an engine bay with little room or an RV with boots that melt because of heat, these wire kits are the answer for burnt and melting boots. The ACCEL extreme 9000 ceramic wire set have an ultra high temperature double silicone construction wire rated at 600 degrees Fahrenheit peak. The wire uses a 500 Ohms per foot ferro-spiral core developed for performance use. It provides excellent energy delivery to the spark plugs, while providing the highest level of RFI and EMI suppression. The extreme 9000 ceramic wires also feature stainless steel spark plug terminals for maximum spark energy to the plugs.

• Highest RFI/EMI suppression level
• 8 mm double silicone construction black wire rated to 600 deg F
• Ceramic boots withstand up to 2000 deg F
• Superb energy delivery while providing highest RFI/EMI suppression
• Pre and post HEI vehicles
• Stainless steel plug terminals

Type: Universal Spark Plug, Extreme
Material: Silicone
Boot Material: Ceramic
Color: Black/White
Core Type: Ferro-Spiral
Engine: Universal 4 Cylinder
Resistance: 500 ohms/ft
Wire Diameter: 8 mm
Wire Series: Extreme 9000 Ceramic
Boot Angle: 90 deg