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* 8 Gang on-off Control Flat Panel Switch: Adpot Capacitive sensing technology with blue indicator light display ,waterproof IP65, with high sensitivity,stablity and strong anti-interference ability.
* Safety protection: Built in resettable fuse, reverse polarity protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection.
Label Stickers: Rocker Switch Panel with replacement label stickers by your favor and needs.
* Wide application: 8 In 1 touch screen panel with 12-24VDC input voltage, fit for most cars, trucks, boats, yachts and Caravans.
* Technical Specification: Input Voltage: 12-24VDC, Voltage : 30A, Rated voltage: 12V 20A / 24V 10A, Operating temperature: -25°-80°, Waterproof rating: IP65. Package Included: 1 Set of 8 Gang on-off Control Switch Panel
Installation Guide:
* Total power will go to 600w at 12V, 1200W at 24V and the maximum current is 60A.
The maximum output current of groud 1 & 2 is 30A, the maximum output current of ground 3-8 is 20A.
* The recommended connection method is to decrease the current gradually from groud 1 to 8 groud.
* Make sure all the lamps are connectly before connecting the power cable.

Guideline for connecting the red, yellow and white control cables:
* The red cable connects the master switch power cable to the ACC.If you want to light up the LED lamps before the car start-up, please connect the recommended because the higher the power is, the more the power of the battery will be consumed.
* The yellow cable connects the width lamp to the master switch panel.
* The white cable is the panel light brightness control cable. It can controls 3 brightness levels by each switching. You can disconnect the white cable in order to have the most brightness switch panel if require.