11103 Fuel Pump, In-Line, 750hp, Black

Aeromotive 11103 750 hp 75 gph In-Line Electric External Fuel Pump
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Feed your beast with an Aeromotive A750 fuel pump. Beautiful, compact, durable and reliable; these pumps will fuel the fire whether it's naturally aspirated, nitrous enhanced, blown or turbocharged. Designed to fuel anything from 150 to 800 hp, A750 fuel pumps flow over 450lb/hr. at 45 psi. Order the ultra-high performance model you prefer for your vehicle application.

Type: In-Line, Electric External
Inlet Size: -8 AN
Electrical Rating: 12 V
Horsepower: 750 hp
Pressure Rating: 65 psi
Flow Rating: 75 gph
Inlet Attachment: Female Straight Cut O-Ring
Outlet Size: -6 AN
Outlet Attachment: Female Straight Cut O-Ring
Color: Black